Boise Summer League

Boise Summer League

A Great Place to Play Ball in Boise

Classic Fields invite competitive play, BSL is a wooden bat league with NCAA, NAIA, and Junior College Coaches. The players come from all over our great nation for the opportunity to improve their skills and log additional games under their belt.

In order to capitalize/improve the ongoing Leagues philosophy on supporting the developmental aspects of competitive collegiate ballplayers and their aspiring needs, the BSL instituted a series of feedback questionnaires from Coaches/Administrators/Players. Along with well recommended feedback from a myriad of University/College Coaches, it became readily apparent that the BSL can serve a vitally necessary function in providing ongoing collegiate baseball developmental necessities. The BSL therefore instituted an Event Calendar activities geared to support the leagues developmental philosophies. These activities have now been fully integrated and will be made part of the BSL. It requires that our well staffed collegiate Coaches are readily available not only for games played in the late afternoon/early evening, but also for the requisite Event Calendar activities.

Event Calendar activities are modeled after Major League Constructional aspects, in short, a professional instructional league format. Therefore, in addition to the usual and customary competitively placed baseball games, consisting of well over 30 games played within the scope of our League’s time frame, event calendar activities consist of speed training, position specific practices, offensive video analysis, open batting practice, weight training sequences and other future activities. These are non-mandatory, voluntary activities. In short, a ballplayer can avail himself to as many developmental functions as his enthusiasm allows.

This season, largely due to housing constraints, as well as understood national economic considerations, our League Administrators in concert with their advisors have agreed to limit participation to six teams. This allows our League the opportunity to concentrate on incorporating our Event Calendar format, as well as providing committed Coaches, Umpires, facilities (which includes a multi-million dollar recreational facitlity), featured internet broadcast capabilities, as well as our ever popular concession stand capabilities.

Our emphasis will be on the continued developmental needs of our national pool of baseball players who are serious about their future development. The BSL, therefore, remains committed to its original philosophy of providing excellent activity advantages, complemented by the ever mindful necessity to play under competitive situations.

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